Birding in Kenya

Rare forest birds, vast congregations of waders, gulls, terns and other specialities make Kenya an outstanding birding destination; over 1020 birds species have been recorded within this area, including some rare and little known species that makes the area famous worldwide amongst birders and ornithologists. Since many of birds are restricted to particular habitat type, a major reason for this diversity around Kenya is the wide range of habitat that occur around the area; Kenya has scrubs and forests, savannahs, deserts, mountains, beaches, creeks and lakes which are all unique and such as significant number of birds are only found in there.

Sea Safari

The Indian ocean is rich in biodiversity, and the direction of the ocean, which Kenya lies is quite nice, fine beaches, sand, crystal clear waters, healthy fringing reefs, unexplored mangrove forests, lagoons and bays; there are  thousands of exotic and rare undersea world, sea turtles, whales, sharks, dolphins, dougongs and many colorful nudibranch’s and reef fishes.

Day Trips

Includes dhow sailing or boat riding to snorkeling and diving, dolphin watching, mangrove walks and a gourmet sea food  and vegetarian lunch and much more in the stunning Kenya’s coastal marine parks, reserves and conservation areas.

  • Full day Watamu and Mida Creek.
  • Arabuko Sokoke forest and Mida Creek.
  • Arabuko and Gede Ruins.
  • Group Adventure travel to Mida Creek and Gede Ruins.
  • Camping.
  • Lodge or hotel.
  • Group adventure travel: Watamu Marine Park and Mida Creek.
  • Snorkeling and dhow sailing, dhow lunch cruise or sunset.

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